Waxing & Sugaring


You may feel a little nervous about going to just anyone for waxing. Obviously some areas of the body are more tender than others, and an expert is necessary. A wide range of waxing services are offered at Nurture from a quick brow wax and shaping to a full body wax. Brazilian waxing has become one our most popular services. Gloves are worn for all waxing treatments and all tools used are sanitized or disposable. Sticks are never double dipped! Our experience and education produces a service that is quick, sanitary and pain free as possible. Using top of the line products and keeping up to date on the latest hair removal techniques are just a few reasons to book an appointment at Nurture Day Spa.


Sugaring is a technique developed by the ancient Egyptians. This gentle and effective form of hair removal, uses 100% natural ingredients.

  • 100% natural
  • No resin or chemicals
  • Water soluble – will not ruin your clothes and can be washed off with water
  • You can sugar areas with spider and or varicose veins.
  • Safe for Diabetics and anyone with eczema
  • Will never burn skin
  • Bacteria does not breed or survive in sugar
  • People with sensitive skin do better with sugar

What is the Price difference?

The Price is the same for both Sugaring and waxing. Your Therapist will help you decide which technique is best for you.


Before You Wax
  •  Grow hair ¼ to ½ inch long
  • If hair is long trim slightly
  • Exfoliate 1 day prior to treatment with a loofah or body brush
  • Take I buprofen or advil 45 minutes before your treatment
  • If you are using Accutane you should not wax for at least 6 months after using the product.
  • Let your Esthetician know if you are using Retin A, Renova, Strivectin or any other topical or oral medications that may effect the outcome of your treatment.
  • Do not apply lotions or deodorant the day of your waxing treatment.
  • Do not wax after chemical peels or laser treatments.
Regular Basis

If you wax on a regular basis your hair will grow back slower, thinner and less coarse. Hence, a less painful waxing experience. To receive the “regular basis” discounted price your time between appointments must be 2 to 6 weeks.

Women’s Facial Waxing

Men’s Waxing

Women’s Body Waxing

Brow Wax/Tint Combos