Spa Packages


Oklahoma Red Earth Package

This spa package is inspired by the wisdom of the Native American people. Oklahoma tribes use various plants such as sage, lavender and cedar, which are native to this region. Illness is seen by Native Americans as an attack of both the body and the spirit. It is important to address both the soul and the body to overcome illness in many Native Cultures. One of the traditions is Smudging, a ceremony where plants such as sage, cedar and lavender are burned to cleanse bless and bring about positive energy. Sage is also used in teas to cure common ailments and as rubs for skin conditions. Sweat lodges are another ceremony used to sweat out toxins and purify the soul. Medicine men would also place stones on various pressure points of the body during healing practices. These are just a few of the healing traditions that have been used for centuries. The Native American methods of healing have paved the way in medicine and are growing in popularity in spa’s all over the world.

We have created our Red Earth package to embrace the cultural traditions that have been used in Oklahoma by Native American tribes for centuries while combining this ancient wisdom with modern spa traditions. We use local plants, teas and handmade scrubs to mentally and physically have a positive effect on your wellbeing.

Roman Bath Package

This spa package was inspired by the ancient Roman Bath houses. As early as 354 AD there were as many as 952 bath houses varying in size? These ancient bath houses were not only used as a place to clean but as a place of healing and a social gathering point for the communities. The creation of the Aqueducts made it possible to make large baths for the entire community to bathe in. There would be an exercise area to work up a sweat then they would go to a warm heated pool or tub and finally a hot caldarium, similar to a steam room. This would be followed by a cool pool or cool room. After this series of cool and hot treatments the bather would return to a room for a scrub and massage. The minerals in the waters along with the combination of heat and cold soon gained a reputation for curing various ailments such as rheumatism and arthritis.
We have created our Roman Bath package using mineral salts for our baths and a series of warm, hot and cool treatments to give you the ultimate relaxing and healing experience. This package will relieve tension and muscle soreness while shedding dead skin leaving your skin silky smooth!

Tropical Thai Package

This package is inspired by the traditional spas of Thailand known as “the heavenly land of spas.” Thai spas embrace the spirit of holistic healing. Over the centuries families passed down the wisdom of plants, herbs, fruits and vegetables for healing purposes along with the power of massage. The most popular Thai spa treatment is the Thai massage which was said to have been created 2,500 years ago. Thai massage combines stretching the joints along with acupressure gently moving the body into yoga positions. A Thai Spa consists of Thai Massage, aroma therapy, body scrubs and floral baths. This is said to be an overall energizing and healing experience. We have created our Tropical Thai package for the perfect escape to reduce stress, release muscle tension, and energize the senses.

Egyptian Packages

Aside from the many fascinating facts about the ancient Egyptian culture is the society’s emphasis on health, cleanliness and beauty. The Egyptians were amongst the first to widely adopt the use of heated tubs. As far back as 2000 BC Egyptians had established many elaborate bath houses to gather with friends, exercise, eat, drink and bathe. These bath houses included steam rooms and scrubs to thoroughly clean the skin after long days in the desert heat. The bath traditionally included flowers and essential oils much like a bath house of today and massage therapy was considered a very important part in the health of the Egyptian culture.

Royal Egyptian

Royal Egyptian

A Half-Hour Massage
A Mini Facial
A Milk and Honey Bath


Nurture Relaxation Package

One Hour Therapeutic Massage
Nurture Facial

Nurture Express Package

1/2 Hour Relaxation Massage
Express Facial

Greek Package

Bath soak with healing mineral salts

Sinus Relief Package

20 minutes of relaxation in our Steam Sauna. Peppermint and Eucalyptus oil will be diffused with steam to help relieve congestion, pressure and headaches. This will be followed by a 30 minute Pressure Point massage to relieve tension and sinus pressure.


Essential Oils

You can add this compliment to any massage. Your therapist will discuss with you your goals for this massage session, you can address any physical or emotional need for relief and combine the perfect herbal supplement to enhance your massage. We use the highest quality oils for skin treatments, including, Young Living, Nature’s Gift and Native American Naturals.