Eyelash Extensions


What are Eyelash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are when an individual synthetic eyelash extension is applied to your own natural lash. This enhances your lashes by elongating the appearance and enhancing the curl to create a thicker and fuller look. Eyelash extensions will not cause damage to your natural lashes and can vary from a very natural to a more dramatic effect. We will custom create your set, making sure that it is styled and shaped for your individual needs. Our lashes are designed to not look fake, leaving everyone you come in contact with believing you were born with incredible lashes.

About the Brand

Here at Nurture, we use a brand called Eyelash Excellence. This global brand is created by an award-winning master lash technician in the UK who provides training across the world, runs her own lash salon, and judges international lash competitions. Eyelash Excellence products are made of the highest quality with client safety at the forefront. Their glues are formaldehyde free, medical grade and meet the strict EU and ISO regulations.

Are Eyelash Extensions Safe and Comfortable to Wear?

Yes, the esthetician will assess the strength and health of your natural lashes and will apply a custom set that can be safely supported by your natural lashes. Your set will also feel lightweight and comfortable, making it feel as if you are not even wearing extensions. Because of this, with proper care, your extensions can be safely worn for years with no breaks if desired.

Before Your Appointment

  • Make sure lashes are squeaky clean and free of any makeup residue. Having dirty lashes will affect the retention of your extensions and will result in time taken from your lash appointment to thoroughly clean them.
  • Remove contacts as they cannot be worn during treatment. It is highly recommended that you wear glasses to your appointment. You can continue wearing contacts afterwards.

Non-candidates for Lash Extensions

  • Expecting mothers
  • Nursing mothers (unless doctor’s note is provided)
  • Clients who have received chemo treatments within 6 months
  • Clients who are not able to tolerate laying down with their eyes closed for 1-3 hours
  • Clients who have recently had tattooed brows and/or eyeliner. The area should be fully healed before receiving eyelash extensions

Classy & Sassy

Our full classic set will give your lashes the look of wearing mascara without the fallout or clumps and a beautiful uniform curl. Our lash certified esthetician will apply one extension per one natural lash, giving you a natural to dramatic look.

Boost Up the Volume

For when you want to boost your lash game from Born This Way to Classy & Sassy.

Born This Way

For the client who wants a soft, natural look. This set has half of the number of extensions of our Classy & Sassy set.

Classy Upkeep

2 Week Fill ($60)
3 Week Fill ($75)

Born This Way Upkeep

2 Week Fill ($35)
3 Week Fill ($50)

Date Night Touch Up

1 Week Classy Fill ($40)
1 Week Born This Way Fill ($25)

Clean Slate

Lash Removal for our lashes ($20)
Lash Removal for other salon’s lashes ($50)

The price of the lash removal will go towards your next full set that if booked for the same day.